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Sunday Morning (8:45 and 10:30am Services) Curriculum:


Pre-K to K

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Pre-K to K

1st-5th (Junior Worship)

Singing, Communion, Lesson & Games

Wednesday Night Programming will return in the Fall

252 basics: SERVICE

June Theme:  Creativity

God decided that he wanted his creativity to populate the earth so He created people in His image to take care and develop His magnificent creation.

Memory Verse: 

"How You made me is amazing and wonderful, I praise You for that."  

Psalm 139:14

Week 1:  God made everything. Genesis 1 1:25                 

Week 2:  God made you. Genesis 1:26-2:25

Week 3:  God made you to imagine. Genesis 2:19-20               

Week 4   God made you to know Him.  Genesis 3:1-23