Birth to 3yrs


3 YRS to K, 1ST-2nd 3rd-5th grades

Sunday Morning (8:45 and 10:30am Services)

Nursery is offered during both Services

Contact:  Stacey Danklefsen


Pre-K to K

1st-5th Grade Worship Service

Contact: Shawn Buis


Pre-K to K

Contact: Tina Denny

1st and 2nd- 3rd-5th Sunday School

Contact: Shawn Buis 

Wednesday Night Programming has returned! 


252 basics: SERVICE

December Theme:  The BIG Give


When we are generous to others, we prove that we love God by loving the people He loves.

Week 1:  Because God gave, I can give. I John 4:9-11               

Week 2:  Don't miss your chance to give. Luke 12:13-21

Week 3:  Look for creative ways to give. I Timothy 6:18            

Week 4:  God gave us Jesus.  Luke 2:1-18

Week 5:  Give like you are giving to God. Matthew 2:1-12