Events with a sign-up option or for more information will be underlined      


    Wednesday night meals, kids and youth activities and several life groups to choose



     learn how to live your life to the fullest, relationally, emotionally, financially, 

     mentally, physically & spiritually; this Sunday David Upchurch talks about

     being "ALL IN" financially.

3. HARVEST PARTY October 25th, watch for details!

4. UNDERGROUND CHURCH SERVICE October 29th, more details to            follow



This month we have the Harvest Party, Young at Heart, an underground church service, and Family Cannonball (baptism class) happening! Watch this video to find out more.

We have a ton coming up here at MCC within the next few weeks so here is a little reminder! There will be Share the Vision gatherings, a prayer vigil, and a pack the place lunch down at K's Cafe.

Check out the hog roast and wealth by the book seminar this week!

Don't Forget about the Hog Roast and First Responder Appreciation Day this Sunday the 10th! In this weeks upcoming Shawn lets you now a little bit about these events and more.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Watch this to learn all you need to know about First Responder Sunday and the annual Hog Roast.

The Morton's keep us up to date on some big events in this weeks video...what's up with Dave's shirt? Watch to find out!

This weeks upcoming let's you know how to support First Responder Sunday, how to support the upcoming mission trip to Rhode Island by eating some pizza, and how to sign up for our new hog roast grill off!

There are a lot of exciting things happening at MCC this month! Check out this video to learn more about a church-wide trips to Splashdown and Pizza Ranch as well as the All In campaign.

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Don't forget we have a trip to SkyZone and a VBS program coming up soon. Watch this video to find out more.

We have VBS, a Skyzone trip, and fireworks coming soon! This video will keep you up to date on all of that.

This week we have a special camping edition of Upcoming to highlight our VBS and Summer activities, check it out!

This week in Upcoming Rusty has a special shout out for all dads. He also lets us know about softball and our church picnic

We have a lot of fun activities coming up this summer! In this video Mitchell keeps us up to date on a few things happening this month like Church Softball, our church's Picnic, and an event for our high school students called One Day.

We have a lot of fun activities coming up this summer like, Family Fun Day, Softball, and "One Day"! Check out this video and Rachel will let you know a little bit about all of these things and more.

Family Fun day is just around the corner and Jayson Meyer will be preaching at MCC soon! Watch this weeks upcoming to find out more.

Don't miss out on Upcoming this week! Sonja let's us know about Graduation Sunday, Family Fun Day, and an opportunity to welcome the Buis family to MCC.

The Nichols tag team upcoming this week to keep you informed while bringing double the fun! Check it out.

Shawn (our new family life minister) was brave and decided to be in this weeks Upcoming before he even technically started working at MCC! He introduces himself and lets you know a little bit about the Hymn Sing, CIY, Crash, and 1st Step.

Believe it or not summer is almost here! That means there is a lot going on and it can be easy to fall behind on what is coming up at MCC. Check out this weeks Upcoming to stay up to date!

If you didn't catch Upcoming this Sunday there are a lot of important announcements in it you should watch. Don't forget there is NO Wednesday night meal this week.

MCC has had a lot of exciting things happening this last month but we still have a few things you need to keep on your radar for the next few weeks. This weeks Upcoming will let you know a little bit about our I Have a Friend Who... series, FPU classes, service opportunities within the church, and what we will be having Wednesday night for our meal.

There's a lot going on this time of year and it can be easy to fall behind. We put together this handy little video just to give you some reminders! Find out more about our partnership with FeedOne, our spring breakfast, FPU, and our magical Wednesday night meal that looks a lot like chicken but in reality is actually meat loaf.

Biscuits and gravy!! Now that I have your attention you might want to watch this Upcoming video. It has a lot of useful info including a look at our annual spring breakfast and a preview of Financial Peace University, a class we are about to offer that helps you take control of your money.

From our new Coffee Bar to our 20th anniversary there is a lot going on at MCC in the next couple of months! Megan keeps us up to date in this video.

If you haven't downloaded our app yet watch this weeks Upcoming video and Mitchell will tell you a little bit about it. He will also give you some information on Dinner 8, SuperStart, and give you the scoop on whats for dinner this Wednesday night!

Do you know what's upcoming at MCC? This week Rachel lets us know about the Youth Group Super Bowl party, Dinner 8, and SuperStart.

This week Shawn lets us know about 40 Days in the Word, Pizza With the Pastors, Wednesday Night Child Care, and Rusty has a special announcement about Dinner 8

In this weeks Upcoming Alisha lets us know about Pizza With The Pastors, The Daily Grind, Wednesday Night Meals, and more!