Tell us about your event by completing the Event Submission Form below. In return, we will...

  1. add your event to our weekly e-newsletter. 
  2. add your event to the At-A-Glance event page on our website. 
  3. add your event to our Google Calendar on our APP and website. 
  4. send an email blast out to any groups (ministries, life groups, age or gender groups, etc.) of people you would like to know about your event (upon your request).

*Must be an MCC related activity/event. Please contact us if you have questions. are a few recommendations for  promoting your event.

  1. POST ON YOUR FACEBOOK. Create an event or post on your personal facebook page and then share with our staff’s personal pages and others you know that attend at MCC (and ask them to share it). 
  2. CREATE POSTCARDS. Create postcards and email them to us and we can print them and have them ready for you to personally distribute. 
  3. CREATE AN E-VITE. Create an E-vite or email. Email it to the church office and tell us which groups or ministries you would like it sent to. 
  4. CREATE A POSTER. Create a poster and email it to us and we will print it and put it on our bulletin boards. 

*If it is something we feel needs to be highlighted and take up time in our Sunday worship services we will put it in the upcoming video, bulletin or even possibly on our facebook.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...